Our signature Plant Milk Tea can fulfil both of your visual and tasting satisfaction. 
What is Tea+ House Special?
There are three layers of our House Special, the base is different flavoured milk tea with upper layer of special seasalt creamer foam, finally topping with oreo crush and a mint leave. The taste is really fabulous and rich.
How to drink it?
1. Drink with your mouth without the straw! Slurp in the milk tea base by going through our specially made foam and oreo. This combination of three layers with different texture and taste becomes a magic.
2. You can also use the straw when you like to taste the original milk tea base only.
3. Mix the foam and tea. Feel the complicated texture of the mixture.


Our signature Tamago with Cheese and Corn is originated from Japanese Tamago. What is Tamago? Tamago is a Japanese Style Omelette, which is made by rolling toghether severl layers of cooked egg.
Our Tamago adds some new ingredients in and make this dish become more delicious. Cheese can enhance the softness and Corn can increase the sweetness. This dish involves high attention on degree of heating and timing, so the egg will not be overcooked. 
We also provide different types of toppings that we have tried and believe to be the best match with the tamago base.


Our signature Beef Noodle Soup is cooked by using the best lean beef rib brisket. Our beef is prepared and cooked fresh daily with our secret receipe. 
The taste of spicy and rich beef soup will hugely enhance your appetite.